Posted on January 22, 2019
I came back to it. Two years later. I listen to it and it feels like the first time.
Now I know you a little better
Now I understand a little better
All the things that connect us.
I can read your face when you are not well and I know what you are thinking
Now we are free, no preconceptions, non-empty expectations
Now I feel you and I see the reality of our future
Now you are my person, for real, I need you.
Now I can wait for you.
Now we dance
Now you know my friends and they know you
Now I feel up with joy sleeping peacefully down your neck
Now I love you, not for me through your reflection
Now I am with you everywhere.
Now we are moving forward together
Now we are luminous
Now I am crying of the first time in a long time thinking of you.
I was tired of crying but now my rears are transparent
Now we are not together but now I know this will change
Now we need to be together, cause everything we have is now
Now I am not afraid to fight and try new things.
Now its real
Now I am jealous and I am domesticating its wilderness
Now or never
Nobody is gonna break our spirit now
Now I get pissed off and I relax thinking of your love instantly
Now we are swimming in deep waters, a pod of whales splashing messages to one another
Now we are trees connecting their routes blindly by breaking through the dry soil
Now we are merging, shaped by the wind
Two clouds transforming through the wind’s chaotic patterns, changing colors by the shifting of the light.
Now the water and sunlight make us blossom.
Now you are bathing underneath the forceful downfall of my waters
Now your warm air lifts my wings higher and I just need to let go and enjoy the ride.
Now notes are forming a melody
Now we synchronize
Now I don’t know what’s next and now you don’t know either
But now we know
Now I don’t want anybody else
Now I want you
Now it’s the time to create, together
Now I am crying again
Now I feel like a god
Now I feel like a beggar
Now you laugh
Now the sun comes out
Now I can’t think of anything
Now my fingertips feel your skin crawling through them
Now you are the sea
Now we are weird fishes swimming at the bottom of the ocean
Its always now it has never been anything else. And every now away from you, is every step along the way with the sun hidden behind heavy grey clouds
Now we dance
Now I want to run and tell you everything
Now, time means nothing beside the repetition of a moment that evolves into different shapes
It’s funny how we now miss each other but the moment we meet we have never been apart before
Now we are old and now we are young, and now we haven’t born yet but we’ve died already.
Now, what does that mean?
Now means nothing, now is everything
Now I am trying to understand time using the framework of time.
Now time is self-conscious
There is no now, there is no never, neither forever
We are, I am, you are
We are not, you are not, I am not either.
Its brutal, consciousness
We let go of something that fulfills its own purpose and has no propose.
We accept and we move forward with no choice, catching up a wave that will crash on the rocks and disappear until the next one comes along
We are water that evaporates in the sky and rains down back to the earth, to water the roots that we are.
It never ends and there is no never, no end, how can it never end then?
Now we are fire burning, warming the hands of a little girl.
Now its never the same again
Now is always different
Now I can write forever
But now I run, I find you, I tell you about now.
Now, my love, It’s all now.