Posted on April 16, 2017

Listening to: The sun’s gone sim and the sky’s turned black – Johann Johansson


Nothing exist. You and me. That’s all that exists.

Two particles of light chained, moving around each other endlessly like ice skating figures creating circles, waves of vibration, rippling spacetime. Peaks and lows, the creation of matter itself.

Our cosmic dance creates life and everything there is, over and over again. Grab my hand so I can twirl you so fast and create a bright spiral galaxy full of stars.

Dance with me to create planets with thick atmosphere that life evolves and beautiful creatures emerge, life-forms that are connecting through their material bodies and immortal spirits. I want to dance with you, harmonically and create mountains, blue lagoons and violet forests.

Try to think, that what we breathe, the distant stars that we look at and everything we know is made by you and me.

If you ever wonder why everything feels so beautiful, it’s because we made it with love.


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