Every morning

[Listening to Max Richter – On the nature of daylight]


Every morning. The sun is bathing the land with light.

Every morning. Eyes open and let light come in.

Doors unlock and we get out in the world, every morning.

Every morning. Roads are brighter, so we can see better where we want to go.

Every morning. The possibilities are endless.


Every afternoon. The sun is shining brighter.

Every afternoon. We have accomplished a lot, but we are not tired yet.

The day feels young, every afternoon.

Every afternoon. We are half way there.

Every afternoon. It is the right time to think and plan for the rest of the day and night.


Every evening. The sun is setting

Every evening. We look at the sunrise like it’s the last time

We are tired from a hard day’s work, Every evening.

Every evening. We need warmth and a place to feel safe.

Every evening. It feels like the day is coming to an end.


Every night. Everything quiets down.

Every night. The absence of light lets the shadow exist.

Every night. Darkness is all around us and we can’t see clearly

Doors are closing behind us, every night.

Every night. We turn the lights off.


The only thing that reflects a little light back is the moon and we tilt our heads back and look at it with awe.  Every night.

Some nights. We can’t see the moon, these are the darkest nights and again, we tilt our heads back and look far away to the stars, because at the darkest of nights, we can see the stars better.


Every century of every Millennium. Every decade of a century. Every year of every decade and every day of every year the sun once again rises,

every morning…