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It is with great pleasure that I announce that 10 years of work have come to a very beautiful result. I am ready to publish my first book entitled ‘Duality’.

For ten years I have traveled all over the planet and tried to spontaneously capture my feelings. The book talks about Duality, and it is divided into two parts. “Out of touch” and “In touch“. Initially, my purpose was for each project to be one day a book on its own. With the passage of time, however, I realized that it was my need to present them together in one. The two projects stand opposite to each other and raise questions about how we perceive our reality through different cultures of the world and the problems that our societies face in my view.

‘Duality’, through the global language of photography, gives me the opportunity to express my concerns and make my statement towards our planet, the societies we live in, and the existential questions that have afflicted us for thousands of years now.

I am sure we do not all agree on the same things, but the most important thing is to enter into a dialogue and through our differences to get the best possible result for our future.

The production of the book, from photography to the publication, is mine. With a lot of work and a very small budget, I chose this road, so I can have full freedom of speech and can make my first “statement” in the world, just the way I want it.

So I ask for your help, whether it’s financial (by purchasing the book and giving me the opportunity to print it on this link) or by sharing this effort so that more people can know about it.

Thank you all in advance for your support.

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