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Where are you?

Posted by stylianos papardelas on August 10, 2018 in Words |

It’s been a long time where are you? I feel you are drifting away in every anxious thought Where are you? My hair turned gray Where are you? I wanna play Where are you? I can’t stop thinking Where are you? I promise I’ll let it be

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Posted by stylianos papardelas on August 7, 2018 in Words |

Καίνε τα μάτια μου σαν να νυστάζω. Καίνε από αυτά που δεν μπορούν να δουν. Καίνε

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The tree has fallen

Posted by stylianos papardelas on April 26, 2018 in Words |

[Listening to Stop the dams] Metal, from the keys in my pocket to the destructive roar of the machines. The penetrating sound of an ambulance. Noise. Faded sounds of birds. A little metal wind chime. A dying plant in a pot with dry soil. Once there was a beautiful forest. A place that would only […]

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We are.

Billions of years of evolution, from the explosion of a single dot to space exploration. From Microorganisms to intelligent life, collectively we experienced, progressed and became self-conscious.      We look through telescopes and build spaceships. Continuously we explore the furthest corners of the cosmos, just to experience more of our selves. Our brain is the epitome of the […]

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Virtual reality

[Listening to Max Richter – Sarajevo] My eyes are closed. Sound is almost the only sense I have. The time is passing and everything becomes louder and start sounding like a threat. I can’t move. People are talking aggressively around me in a foreign language. I am a hostage! My heart starts beating heavily. I […]

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Art is the emotional expression of our subconscious being.

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  One five hundredth of a second. No sense of the cold or the wind Endless possibilities frozen in two dimensions. No reason to pay attention to the rules of form.  Water becomes ice that bears endless information. No up or down, no north or south, it is just what it is,  a moment of […]

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Our future

Posted by stylianos papardelas on December 13, 2017 in Words |

The children of the world need nothing. We just need to be children again.

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Nature blooms

Posted by stylianos papardelas on December 1, 2017 in Words |

[Listening to Funeral Canticle] My hand is reaching around your waist and touches your back with slightly different temperature making you feel a fleet sensation of cold that quickly changes into a beautiful wave of energy spreading all over your body. My other arm slowly climbs around your shoulder following a powerful pull that makes our bodies buckle. […]

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