Our future

Posted on December 13, 2017

The children of the world need nothing. We just need to be children again.

Nature blooms

Posted on December 1, 2017
My hand is reaching around your waist and touches your back with slightly different temperature making you feel a fleet sensation of cold that quickly changes into a beautiful wave of energy spreading all over your body.
My other arm slowly climbs around your shoulder following a powerful pull that makes our bodies buckle. Your face lies down my neck and your neck finds my face. We take a deep breath of each other and flowers start to bloom, feeling up the room.
Τhey cover the grey walls and break out of the window taking over the terrace.
They keep growing all over the building and spread to the neighboorhood tearing apart flags hanging off balconies and fill the atmosphere with a divine scent.
Nature flourishes all over the city, blocking the traffic while trees are growing everywhere and an amazing amount of water pours down from the sky. People start climbing and play with each other, they laugh and dive into the newly formed blue lagoons and form patterns with their collective swimming.
The air feels up with pure oxygen and all kinds of animals appear, running and flying around playfully on an eternal dance of joy. We let go and look at each other and the only thing I can think of is the next moment I will be back in our universe.

An Infinite amount of Universes

Posted on November 29, 2017


Born again, moving on

Posted on September 22, 2017

Day Two

Posted on September 18, 2017

Day one ~ The arrival

Posted on September 17, 2017


Posted on August 25, 2017


Μέσα απο μυρωδίες σωματικές και απο ιδρώτα, οι αναμνήσεις μας γίναν ένα.


Στη Θάλασσα

Posted on July 22, 2017

[Listening to Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek — In Session 05 10 09 ]

Ήμουν ξερός και άνυδρος και όλα μου έφταιγαν.

Το μέσα μου χτυπιόταν βίαια σαν να θέλε να δραπετεύσει κάπου καλύτερα από το ξύλινο σώμα μου.

Την κοίταξα και ήδη ένιωσα γαλήνη, ήρεμη και αιώνια ήταν. Πάντα εκεί, για μένα, για όλους.

Την είχα ξεχάσει, σχεδόν απο όταν έπαψα να είμαι παιδί σαν να μην μου δώσε τίποτα ποτέ, την ξέχασα.

Την κοίταζα μετανιωμένος νιώθοντας και μπήκα μέσα της, κι όλα μου τα προβλήματα, όλες οι σάπιες σκέψεις ξεπλύθηκαν και έμειναν πίσω, να ξεβραστούν στο επόμενο κύμα κι αφρός να γίνουν.

Κι αυτή μ’αγκαλιασε σαν να μην πέρασε μια μέρα. Κι εγώ την ένιωθα παντού, αιωρούμουν μέσα της. Να νιώσω ξανά μ’αφησε.

Με αρμονία τρομερή, το σώμα ακολουθούσε την ροή της και εγώ ροή έβρισκα μέσα μου. Θεός ανώτερος από την ύλη μου ήμουν.

Όπως στα παιδικά μου όνειρα κρατούσα την αναπνοή και να πετάξω με άφηνε.

Και της ορκίστηκα… Δεν θα σε ξαναδώ χωρίς να’ρθω. Όσο κι αν μεγαλώσω σε σένα θ’αρχομαι να μου θυμίζεις πως ήμουνα παιδί.

We are all made of stars

Posted on July 17, 2017

Blossoming beams of light exploding, flights of birds.

It seems like looking from above, rare City lights, in a savage environment.

The hope you see when you land and the future you see when you are ready to take off.

I am lying down here looking at you, so far away from me and so far away from each other.

From a single point, we all emerged.

Some of you fall into yourselves and become black holes and some of you spread energy and elements with explosive orgasms that travel with the speed of light to find nebulas to merge and new stars are born.

So far away from me and so far away from each other, why don’t we all merge together in a spiral dance of joy, only to become galaxies.

[Listening to the sound of waves]


Sougia, Crete 2017